How to select a compatible table for your chair or sofa

Please use the following guides to ensure compatibility before ordering.

Fits track or straight arm

The Wingz Table will fit most contemporary chairs and sofas with a track or straight arm.

Vertically level arm sides required

The arm sides must be vertically level, flat and parallel. The Wingz Table is clamped to the arm sides of the chair arm so plumb sides are needed to ensure that the top surface is level. The sides must also be structurally sound.

Level armrest top recommended

Confirm that your chair or sofa has a flat and level padded armrest. A slightly curved or angled arm top may work if other requirements are met.

Level armrest side recommended

It is best if the top surface is flat and perpendicular to the sides, but some curvature may work if the chair has sufficient padding. 

Not for rolled arm

The Wingz Table will not fit traditional furniture with a rolled or English arm.

Not for angled arm

The Wingz Table will not fit contemporary furniture with angled arms.

Not for swivel chairs

Items may fall off the Wingz Table if installed on swivel chairs or any chair that moves.

Measure armrest width

Measure the width of your sofa/chair arm with slight pressure to get an accurate measurement. Slight pressure is needed to snugly mount the table. Similar pressure should be used when measuring the width.

Pick size of Wingz Table

Simply select the table where the arm width is within the recommended range. If the arm is narrower than the recommended width, the reverse mount configuration can be used. In this case, pick the table that fits your arm for the reverse mount configuration. The larger table can fit smaller arms but is not typically recommended, because the table may not be stable.

Size Recommended for arm width of:  Fits (normal mount)  Fits (reverse mount)
3-5 3 to 5 inches 3 to 5.5 0.5 to 2.5
5-7 5 to 7 inches 5 to 7.5 2.5 to 4.5

No cover

The Wingz Table can be used as is, without a cover. The metal silver grain finish provides a sleek, industrial appearance. A slot cover is provided to finish the look.

Non-slip pad

A non-slip custom pad is optional and highly recommended. The pad provides additional safety by ensuring objects don’t slide off the table. Available in black and light gray.

Loosen adjustable arm

Use the hex wrench provided to loosen both screws. Ensure that the adjustable arm slides easily.  

Reconfigure adjustable arm (if needed)

If you have a chair arm width less than the recommended range, the reverse mount configuration of the adjustable arm will be needed. This is done by removing one screw, rotating the adjustable arm to the reverse orientation and reinstalling the screw.

The reverse configuration is only needed for arm widths ranging from 1” to 2.5”. (This step is skipped when the arm width is in the recommended range.)

Place on chair armrest

Place Wingz Table on arm and slide adjustable arm to firmly grip chair arm. Tighten both screws.

Place cover

If using the non-slip pad, place it on the Wingz Table and align the protruding bar on the bottom of the pad with the slot in the table. This will perfectly position the pad on the table. Because the pad is made from soft silicon rubber, it will stick to the table and provide a non-slip surface for any objects placed on it.

If using the slot cover, place the stainless steel cover into the slot where it will be retained by the magnet to complete the installation.