About Zovuna

Zovuna is a design and manufacturing company focused on innovative, high-quality furnishings and accessories for the design enthusiast. Founded in 2017, Zovuna is a startup company located in Vancouver Washington, with manufacturing outsourced to qualified vendors. Zovuna sells online direct to consumers, and in the near future, at select retailers.

Zovuna seeks to solve real problems in the home with sleek designs that not only help simplify the day-to-day, but also complement any room’s décor. Zovuna products are engineered to be functional yet aesthetic; practical yet contemporary.

The Wingz TableTM is the premier product for Zovuna. Named ”Wingz” for its small wing-like appearance, the sofa arm table provides a novel and attractive way to add a stable platform to a contemporary chair or sofa.

In 2017, Zovuna was awarded an A’Design Award in the Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design category for the Wingz Table. Just as the Wingz Table set the bar high, Zovuna will continue to design furnishings and accessories that win industry awards and also win over consumers.

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