Introducing the
Wingz TableTM

Easily add a table to the arm of your contemporary chair or sofa. The Wingz Table is the ultimate in convenience — it's an armrest table that puts food, drinks, laptops, books or practically anything, within easy reach, without requiring additional floor space. Its simple yet functional design is an attractive addition to any room

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Wingz Table Features

  • Maximum Minimalism

    Clear the clutter and save space. Add a Wingz Table to the arm of your chair and free up floor space.

  • Adjustable

    The width of the Wingz Table adjusts to securely fit the arm of a chair or sofa — it’s a stable platform made easy for narrow arm widths. Securely fits armrest down to 1 inch.

  • Easy Reach

    No need to hold your beverage, book, laptop or smartphone. Rest easy with the support of the Wingz Table — a sofa arm table — by your side.

  • Award Winner!

    The Wingz TableTM received A'Design Award in the Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design category, 2016 - 2017.

  • Wingz Table on sofa with dog
  • Wingz Table on sofa inside view
  • Wingz Table on sofa top view
  • Wingz Table on Ikea Jappling chair
  • Wingz Table on Ikea Jappling chair inside view
  • Wingz Table on Ikea Karlstad chair
  • Wingz Table on Soho sofa
  • Wingz Table on sofa


Will the Wingz Table fit my chair or sofa?

The Wingz Table is designed to fit a wide variety of chairs and sofas. The table fits an upholstered arm that is flat, square and level (typical of contemporary furniture) and can be adjusted to securely fit most arm widths. Simply measure the arm width of your chair or sofa and select the recommended table size found on the How It Works page. The Wingz Table is not recommended for reclining or swivel chairs as items could fall off the table as it moves.

What is included with the Wingz Table?

The Wingz Table comes complete with a two-part aluminum table, a cover option and a tool for adjusting the width to fit your chair or sofa. A slot cover or non-slip pad is included, depending on what is selected when ordered. Currently, non-slip silicon pads are available in black and light gray. Additional colors will be available in the future.

How easy is it to install?

The Wingz Table is very easy to install on a chair arm or sofa. The width is first adjusted by loosening two screws, and then sliding the L-shaped arm to match the width of the chair arm. The table then slides down over the arm. The width can be adjusted for a tighter of looser fit as needed to provide a stable surface.

See the How It Works page for details

What options are available to match my decor?

Custom sized non-slip pads are available in black and light gray colors. Select a color to coordinate with your chair or accent to your room decor. The table can also be used without a pad for an industrial appearance, exposing the silver grain finish.

Can I purchase on Amazon?

Yes, Zovuna products can be purchaced on Amazon or this website .