Wingz Table (Factory seconds)

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No room for a table? Easily add a table to the armrest of your contemporary chair or sofa. The Wingz Table is a sofa arm table that provides a convenient platform for food, drinks, laptop, tablet, anything — without taking up additional floor space.

About factory seconds:

Wingz Tables sold as factory seconds are fully functional but have not fully passed quality checks. All quality issues are cosmetic and do not affect the functionality of the table.  Issues may include one or more of the following quality defects. 

  • Scratches, chips, or minor discoloration of the anodized aluminum finish
  • Non-uniform surface finish of the non-slip silicone pad - typically crease like marks
  • Contrasting color scuff markers or other visible embedded particles in the surface of non-slip pads


  • Stable platform; easy to install and remove
  • Adjustable to securely fit contemporary chairs and sofas
  • Two table sizes fit armrest widths from 1” to 7”
  • Constructed of solid aluminum
  • Attractive and durable anodized silver grain finish
  • Custom non-slip silicon pads ensure objects don’t slide off table


Size Recommended for arm width of: Fits arm widths:
Width Height Depth
3-5 3 to 5 inches

0.5 to 2.5* 
3 to 5.5 

8" 7.13"  9" 
5-7 5 to 7 inches 2.5 to 4.5* 
5 to 7.5 
8" 7.13" 11"

* Optional configuration where adjustable arm is in reverse direction. 

Non-slip pad colors**:

Color  Name  CMYK RGB Pantone
Black 63 62 59 94 45 41 38  Black C
Light Gray 6  4  7  13 199  201  199 420C

** Cannot guarantee color accuracy. 

Wingz Table kit includes:

  • Wingz Table assembly — table top, adjustable arm and two socket head screws
  • Cover option selected: slot cover or non-slip pad (black or light gray)
  • Installation instructions
  • Hex driver

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